Mysterium Card Reader

Selects Mysterium cards so that you don't have to.


Third round

Promo cards

Clairvoyancy tokens


1 – 4 only

All (1 – 6)


1 per turn

3 per game

1 per game

Character cards

Location cards

Object cards

Story cards

Additional rules (2 players)

Additional rules (3 players)

  • The clairvoyancy track, the related markers, and the clairvoyancy tokens are not used.
  • Each player plays with two psychics.
  • During the shared vision, the three vision cards are placed face up.
  • Randomly create two additional groups of cards (with a character, a location and an object a story in each group) using psychic cards discarded during the game, bringing the total number of groups to four. Then place the tokens numbered 1 to 4 by the four groups thus formed.
  • Psychics vote openly rather than in secret. The two players with the role of psychics must agree which group to identify as the suspected culprit's group and place their two intuition tokens on it.

A doodle by Mikkel Paulson. Source code on GitHub.